Waterskiing Speed Options

All water skis are designed to be skied in a defined range. This is because the speed we ski at dictates how deep the ski sits in the water. At slower boat speeds, skis need more surface area to allow the ski to stay on top of the water. Skier speed closely corresponds to skier type (Competition skiers ski faster where Novice Skiers ski slower). We use Skier Speed because sometimes you may ski faster or slower than your perceived Skier Type and need a ski that will work best for you. Many boat speedometers are very inaccurate. If you are not skiing with Zero Off or Perfect Pass, we recommend using a GPS or a smart phone with a speedometer application to verify your true skiing speed. Boat speedometers are frequently 2-4 mph off

36 MPH – (58kph)

This is the speed that high level water ski competitions are pulled at. This is the fastest a boat should ever go pulling a slalom skier. This is an intense ride and only competitive skiers should go this fast.

34 MPH – (55kph)

34 MPH is the speed that many Advanced and a majority of Competition water skiers are pulled at. Many skiers who ski at this speed will prefer a designated 34mph waterski that is about 5mm Wider than your 36 mph Pro Version. Generally a 34 mph waterski can be used as low as 28 mph. 

30-32 MPH – (48 to 52kph)

Recreational skiers use these speeds, and generally use the 18.25 metre -60ft overall line length. Since they are not competing and may not have cruise control on their boat they ski at what feels comfortable or what their driver gives them! At these speeds, the water does not put as much upward force on a ski. Frequently skis designed for this speed will start to use slightly wider ski again. These skis are typically not considered a “wide-body construction”. They are only 5mm to 10mm wider than a competition ski but are not quite as stiff & more affordable. The width makes the ski sit on top of the water as it is designed and makes skiing less fatiguing. The softer ski flex will be more forgiving on your turns. 

26-30 MPH – (40 to 48kph)

This speed is typical of Intermediate Skiers. Skis designed for this speed are 10mm to 18mm wider than a traditional competition ski. These skis are classified as “Wide-Body”. The extra width not only makes the ski stay on top of the water at your appropriate speed, but also makes the ski more stable. Most 26-30 MPH water skis are designed for you take a break and go straight down the lake where some more aggressive skis are edge seeking and always want to turn. Skis designed for these speeds and skiers are also more forgiving and have a slower edge-to-edge movement that promotes confidence and stability. Many Novice skiers will ski under 30 MPH. Skiers at these speeds like the slower feel and when they speed up feel like things are moving too quickly. The wide-body water ski designs also make deep water starts easier. 

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